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Nicki Bright.jpg
Suave Kid 2.jpg


   The Suavest Kid in Vrindavan

Jason Thinks About Life

Jason Thinks About Life.jpg




Deep Interpretation Opportunity.jpg


Very Bright Portrait

This photo provides a quick and easy way to have a deep interpretation of a piece of art. The positioning and body language of the two subjects symbolize the emotional distance they are experiencing, which is also symbolized by the big picture of an ocean between them. They are literally “on opposite sides of an ocean,” as the saying goes. The framed wedding picture above the woman indicates that they are married and were once quite close. Hence, the photo tells the story of the invisible deterioration of our most prized forms of intimacy, the peculiar quietude with which we accept estrangement, and the relative smallness of human turmoil in the context of our built environments (the living room). In the original photo there was an iphone between them on the couch, symbolizing the paradox of social atomization arising from the dominance of modern communications technologies. I photoshopped it out because I thought it was ugly, and that the other way was deeper, but what do I know.



Nicki Split Happy2.jpg
Nicki Split Face BW.jpg
Vrindavan Girl.jpg
Nobody Listens.jpg


Nobody Listens


   School Can Be Nice



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Paper Face.jpg
Mateo Painted 2.jpg







Portrait of the Artist

as an Artist

Looking at Someone

vrindavan kids #7

eliana #4

ana #15



nicki #20

ana #3


vrindavan kids #24


sofia #17

India Airport Triptych-Magenta78.jpg

airport friends

jamie & sofia

vrindavan kids #5

lion tamer

eliana #19

ana #11

mateo #6

election day commuter

nicki #26

vrindavan kids #12

vrindavan kids #15

eliana #17

nicki #35

sofia #8

tony #2

ana #20

mateo #2

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