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Much has been said about the written word. The written word has provided me many hours of enjoyment. This page shall be the place where my contribution to the written word and the enjoyment it gives to humanity may live.


Thus far in my life I have made two contributions to the written word. The first is a story I wrote when I was twelve, which remains the high point of my creative output, in any discipline, so far. The second is an e-mail I wrote 11 years ago.


The e-mail is shorter, so it's first.

In 2009, my friend Marc visited New York and stayed in my apartment while I was out of town. Since I wouldn't be there to show him around, I sent him this e-mail. Much later, he told me he'd printed it out in case he needed to refer to it, used it as a bookmark, forgot about it, and eventually lent the book to someone else. When that person returned the book, they were very interested in the e-mail. They asked if it was real, and then if they could keep it. It brought them a lot of joy. I myself have two or three e-mails written by people I've never met, which I found laying around friends' houses and which I love to read now and again. I like to think, "who is this person, what is their life like, it seems interesting..." So, to learn that I had become that person for someone else was a real mind-bender, and also quite rewarding.

from: Anthony Mascorro <>
to: marc

marcus, here are some vital things to know about the apartment:

1.  The door to the apt. is fucked up.
     A.  There is no doorknob on the outside. Put the key in, turn right (clockwise), and the door should open. It is advisable not to let the door slam, since any rough-housing may result in the door becoming so fucked up no one can get in or out. However, you must push the door closed firmly in order for the latch to catch.
     B.  The doorknob on the inside comes out, may fall out, etc. It will only work when inserted into its plate a little less than halfway. Normally it sits in this position, but sometimes it gets moved. If it's in too far, you won't be able to turn it at all. Don't panic. Just pull it out a little until you can turn it. If it's missing, it's probably on the floor.

     C.  Do not turn the deadbolt. Turning the deadbolt may not necessarily result in fucking up the door, but no one knows what would happen if it were turned.

2.  The door to the front of the building won't close on its own and you should push it closed.

3.  I already told you about the bugs.

4.  The hall lights are out. If you need to see immediately upon entering the apt., go into the bathroom and turn that light on. OR: The switch to the light in the middle room between the hall and my room is right where you'd think it would be. You will get used to using that light. Try to get used to it as soon as possible, so as to minimize disturbance to the bugs in the bathroom.  

5.  The only lights in the kitchen are the lamps on the table and fridge. If you go in there at night, you'll have to grope for the table lamp in the dark. A cell phone is helpful here.

6.  Miriam has a real job to go to in the mornings, so no loud partying. You may have Aaron over to watch a movie, but let's stick to something with Meg Ryan.

OK, i think that's it. You should probably print this out and have it on your person at all times.

Fratres Semper


This is the story. It's untitled.

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